My Sales Beliefs

  • Managing Director of a £50M software company when asked by the chairman at the initial interview for a sales job 10 years before ….” What makes you such a great salesman?” The Managing Director replied….” I can’t say that I am a great salesman but a lot of people have bought from me”.

We believe that people do buy from people and the most positive behaviour trait of the seller is - to be themselves. A deep understanding of buyers, their business drivers and their timelines are paramount to be successful in sales. Trying to manipulate the buyer with crude sales tactics and closes is not a sustainable sales methodology. 

We believe that the execution of a sales role and sporting performance are fundamentally the same. Both are based on performance outcomes, figures, goals, statistics, confidence, execution and ultimately - results. Both sales and sport are plagued by the fear of failure that effectively paralyses performance. We employ my sports psychology experience through the “crisis curve” to advise salesmen and managers to recognise the symptoms of performance crisis as early as possible and then deploy techniques to deal with them. 

In the current economic client there will undoubtedly be less sales opportunities. Never before has it been more important to concentrate on the winnable leads and not waste time chasing shadows. Professional management of the sales cycle underpinned by detailed opportunity qualification are the keys to identifying the real and ready buyers = sales success.