How I Engage

We typically deliver a two day intensive sales qualification workshop. The day covers:  

  • Developing your customer value proposition – constructing a return on investment argument – starting with the things a customer would see as of value to them.
  • Construction of a customer commitment funnel and related leader board. – This is a reverse journey backward from invoice to first contact. This session is bespoke to your company and your industry.
  • Sales questioning and qualification.
    • How to qualify the buyer intent.
    • Establishing the exact needs of the buyer AND the current cost of delivery.
    • Development of the want factor – determining the tell tale signs that you could win

The deliverables are:  

  • An agreed customer Value Proposition Statement – indicating cost benefits if available.

  • A bespoke Customer Commitment Funnel detailing company specific sales activities that you need to measure as well as the significant buyer commitments.

  • A bespoke Prospect Analysis Sales Scorecard listing the top questions that your sales team should ask married to the ideal answers that should come back. The answers are weighted and the statistical outcomes will deliver a common qualification platform.

Engagement Options 
We are open to short term contract or interim positions where you just want the sales forecast interrogated for accuracy.