Sales Productivity–KPI & Customer Commits

"The harder I work the luckier I get"


It is common for measurement of sales activity to be focused on the quantity of sales contacts made as opposed to the quality of those customer contacts. There is often little or no focus on the quality of the sales engagement with the customer. Salesmen rush out to meetings with no idea what the meeting is about but safe in the knowledge that the diary is full for 4 hours. We call this “running on the spot”. 

We work with sales teams to identify “landmark” buyer commitment indicators and positive sales activities focusing on the quality of sales engagements. These positive sales activities are tracked and replicated until they become second nature. In sport this is known as the outcomes funnel - the key activities that contribute to achieving a specific goal. Each commitment or activity milestone is awarded a points value. Re-qualification takes place at regular intervals to avoid “chasing shadows”. The layout, terminology and appearance of each leader board is based on the look & feel of the Premier League table that most people are familiar with.  


My recent experience with some international companies point to a significant shift away from hard nosed direct sales techniques and a move towards developing a trusting, human relationship based buying partnership.