Sales Proposition – The Value Message

"You have to believe in it"


The value of your product or service must be fully understood by the sales team and equally compelling to the customer. Without a value proposition, the sales message is just a list of features. The positioning of the product or service in the relevant market, the unique selling points, and the “what’s in it for me” customer view is often lost in the stampede to get to the lowest price.  

We facilitate internal sales value workshops: to draw out a better internal understanding of the company product or service; to pin point the return on investment metrics and focus on how customer costs can be reduced. A better understanding of the competitive propositions in the relevant market is key - as well as garnering opinion from existing customers and partners. 

Obtaining the sales team buy in when re-defining the value offer, stimulates enthusiasm from the salesperson and presents the customer with a fully formed belief that there is genuine business advantage in engaging with the sales person and the product or service. 

If the salesman doesn’t believe in his or her product how is the customer supposed to buy!