"I engaged Gary Kinzett of Meritum Consulting to deliver a sales process & qualification workshop based on the Wyse thin client value proposition. The corporate sales team were very impressed with the style of delivery and the common sense qualification content. The impact on some of the team has been dramatic in terms of forecast accuracy and increased revenue returns. The Meritum sales enablement approach has been rolled out to our premier partners and the positive feedback has continued. I was initially sceptical about employing yet another sales coach but Gary and Meritum have surpassed my expectations and that of my channel partners. We look forward to working with them as we expand our sales team and premier partner program throughout 2011" Andrew Gee, LinkedIn Recommendation

"Gary Kinzett delivers a fantastic, valuable and creative sales questioning & qualification training to our channel partners who sell desktop management solutions. This has enabled our partners to clear out the pipeline of those poorly forcasted opportunities as well as move stuck ones along. The partners he has trained are very keen for a follow up course and have given me nothing but glowing comments about Gary the way he delivered the course and the content covered. We also uncovered hidden communication issues between LANDesk and partners and discovered our corporate marketing was detriment in some of our regions. Amazing work." John Dawson, LinkedIn Recommendation

“...As a 20 year IT sales veteran, I have to confess that I recently met my nemesis in Gary Kinzett! Let's just say that I'm delighted he's now a Sales Coach and not working for one of my competitors.
One of the qualification techniques demonstrated to us during the Meritum sales enablement workshop proved a very effective forecasting question.
I was with a new customer the following day and asked the killer question “ if you were me Mr customer and you had to sign up to a close date - when would you commit to your order being placed ?”
I showed him my forecast plan and he crossed out my Q2 estimate put a big tick in Q3 – it was like magic ! Intent and accurate forecast in one go....” Stephen Cooke RSM Wyse Technology (client)

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“I have been on a number of training courses and am keen to experience an engaging environment, with tangible actions to apply to my role. Gary has managed to do this giving me a clear advantage against the competition. His blend of experience, meticulous planning and clear delivery of sales training has left me with no excuses!” February 23, 2010 Mark Prescod (client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I’ve now received 2 training courses delivered by Gary of Meritum Consulting and have found each one to be extremely helpful and educational. From the delivery to the content , Gary has a unique manner of demonstrating his expertise and years of experience in the sales industry. Excellent course which highlighted our sales and marketing oversights and identified basic practices that were being ignored. This has become distinctly clear as we implemented Gary’s enablement program which is providing improved results on how Irontouch structure and weight our forecast and monitor marketing KPI’s. I’ve been able to put together a new strategy for lead generation and creating new business in conjunction with my marketing team and thus far is producing positive results. Thoroughly enjoyable course delivered by someone who is professional, meticulous and a great guy to know , I look forward to expanding on our relationship with Gary and Meritum’” February 23, 2010 Rod Singh (client)

“Gary helped us look at our pipeline building activities in a different way which has enabled us to apply metrics which help us in progressing business opportunities. The sessions that Gary runs do draw you into thinking about how we should be looking at opportunities and I would highly recommend his work to anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level. Furthermore, our reach is global so looking forward to working with Gary in the US as well.” April 14, 2010 Raj Jethwa Head of Business Development, Irontouch (business partner)

“….Gary has been a pleasure to work with on a recent sales and implementation project. His understanding and application of the sales cycle along with the ongoing account management were exceptional. He is both driven and responsive and his sales process management techniques would add huge value to sales organisations of any size. September 19, 2008….” Gary Blissett Director at GB Training & Consulting Ltd

“….The Meritum training and qualification system has vastly improved our sales and operational processes. The forecasting methodology and newly acquired financial accuracy enables the senior management team to make fully informed business decisions…it is imperative that Gardner employees adopt and maintain the robust qualification process that Gary has embedded into our business. His belief in his own product and “can do” outlook has had a positive effect on our staff in general. The whole engagement has been a great success….” Phil Corfield, Financial Controller, Gardner Systems.

“We found all the Meritum training useful. However, if we had to choose, it would be the customer commitment funnel and prospect analysis sales score card. As a guide to whether customers will order it will be very valuable. The value session did serve to reinforce existing value proposition for us which we already believe to be excellent. With continued use of the process it will enable us to clearly manage time and effort in the right direction. I would recommend this course to others.” Subject: One Day Intensive Value and Qualification Workshop. Overall Feedback - very good. Kevin Hoyle, Sales Director, SP Containers Ltd. 

“....Salestrak implemented the Meritum Sales Consultancy Plan for our field sales team. The Meritum Plan provides the Skillstrak management with the comprehensive sales activity reports that are entirely relevant to our business. Every prospect entry on the pipeline is supported with a Prospect Analysis Sales Scorecard that provides call by call information on the ability of a prospect to buy our product. I must say that in my opinion this has been a great success as the volume of activity has definitely increased and the standard of qualification is now extremely rigorous. I am confident in the validity of my opportunity pipeline....” Mark Donkin, Managing Director, Skillstrak Ltd

“Gary put into place an activity structure and sales reporting process that provided the team with a broad incentive program and the management with transparency on exactly how likely a sale was to happen. The result was that his team generated £1M of new business sales in 90 working days. I can recommend this common sense approach to better understand your sales activity, the accuracy of your forecast and the capability of your people.” John Allen, Managing Director, Bell & Watson